Bright Ideas

For a Bright Future

Scholarships, Discounts and Packages;

Note: All scholarship/discount/package availing students' information will be kept confidential as per school's policy.

A. Need based / Bright Students Scholarships (Bright Students Skill Program)

If you have what it takes to be an Artist or an entreprenuer, than get free of payment worries because The school of art and Design is committed to brighten the future of our young generations.


  • Step 1. Get Registered
  • Step 2. Evaluation Interview by a student councellor.
  • Step 3. Seat Reservation after successfully passing the assesment of scholarship criteria.

B. Group Discounts;

Following are the discounts offered to group inductions according to The school of Art and Design discount policies.

  • 1. Group of 3-4 students will get 10% of discount.
  • 2. Group of 5-8 students will get 15% of discount.
  • 3. Group of 9-10 students or above will get 20% of discount.

Special person-s discount i.e. Handicapped, Orphans etc.

Special persons, will get discounts starting from Fully funded scholarships to according to need adjustments.

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