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About Us

The School of Art and Design, where the ideas of branding and art crafting are being developed and practiced. As an art school, we are also working on raising and developing the creative talent among individuals to make them highly professional so that they may start their rewarding career. We are offering various courses & professional programs for good career growth.

Our mission is to train our youth, make them able to earn and uplift their life. The School Of Arts And Design is dedicated to become an optimal home for arts dreamers. It’s a continually evolving/emerging arts School in Rawalpindi supporting creativity. We have affirm believe that creativity and innovation is true spur for change either economically or socially and most crucial for success in today’s society. We are devoted to provide practical education which enable students to gain a competitive edge in Market.

What set us apart?

Practical work:
The School of art and design Rawalpindi are affiliated with Group of companies. We make our students learn by engaging them with new market trends and practical work.
Curriculum without bound/personalized curriculum:
Students are not bound by predefined curriculum. But every student according to his/her abilities and lacks get customized curriculum.
Career exploration:
Our prestigious instructor and facilitators will find excellent opportunities for you at the end of course aligned with your skills and abilities.
Tools to shine:
The School of arts and design Rawalpindi have equipped labs with updated tools. Which help student to learn faster and meet ever changing criteria of market.
Best environment:
Psychological studies suggest that environment have huge impact on learning. Providing best and international environment to student by taking strict measures.

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