Easy Refunds

Start where you Left off

Fee Refund Policy

  • 1. The school of Art and Design has a complete refund policy before 5th Class of the current month with complete refund on next month-s fee. E.g. A student submitted a fee of 6 Months and want to leave after 4 months and 4 classes of next month, will get a fully refund of reaming 2 months. But if he/she has completed 5 classes of the month, than the current month fee is not refundable.

  • 2. Section 1 will not apply on package/discount availing students. If a student who has availed package/discount will only get refund of remaining fee for remaining months according to original fee (Not the package/discount fee) or the package/discount fee applicable to his/her completed tenure.

  • 3. The current month fee will not be refunded after 4 classes, including 3 demo classes. However you have course freezing options available.

Leave-s Policy

  • 1. A student can take 3 leaves in total in a single month and will take or recover his/her classes after the following month i.e. 3 extra classes.

  • 2. Leaves of more than 3 days will be considered as absents and cannot be recovered. However in serious conditions like medical emergency etc., you have course freezing options.

Freezing Options:

  • 1. You may freeze your course at any time during your course for any reason-s and start from where you left whenever you feel comfortable.

  • 2. You have to inform 5 days prior before freezing course. (Emergency cases are excluded of prior notification)

  • 3. You do not have to register again but inform the admin office before joining for seat availability. Once your seat gets confirmed you can resume your course from where you left.